What is Monotone?

The word monotone is derived from the Greek word, ‘monotonia’, which means one tone. Hence a monotone interior focuses on a single colour that varies in tone.



Monotone bedroom

Variation is key

Whether it be grey, beige or ivory, there are many shades of the same colour. For the best result when designing a monotone room, incorporate varying shades of your chosen colour palette. A variety of tones adds depth and interest to the space. Grey is a contemporary contender for monotone rooms and brings a welcome air of scandi-sophistication to a space.

Monotone living room


An Unexpected Element:

Up the drama ante in your home by introducing an unexpected element like a powerful pop of contrasting colour, wooden or metallic accents and lush indoor greenery. These additions will raise the style stakes in your home.

All the Feels:

Another way to add dimension to a monotone room is with texture. Introduce vinyl, silk, linen, long-pile rugs, rattan and sisal for a room that will have you running your hands over every surface. Matte and reflective surfaces are given a new life when placed side by side, while good lighting will ensure your varying textures are showcased in their best light (pun intended).

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